Maskless Lithography tool


This system (DL-1000) utilizes a telecentric optics illumination system and a digital micromirror device (DMD) to perform immediate exposure onto photo resist of pattern data as desired, which is designed on a PC screen, without using Photomask.
This allows easy and accurate overlay alignment compare to separate optic path observation system.

DMD as high resolution pattern generator with ultra-fast mirror switching speed, DL-1000 is able to pattern your microstructures easily and fast.

DL-1000 is equipped CCD cameras and able to observe substrate coaxially to exposure optic path. This allows and easy, accurate and alignment compare to separate optic path observation system.


- 1um resolution(0.5um or 2um resolution are the option)
- Both Scanning and Step & Repeat mode are available
- Maintenance Free System by the use of Long Life Light Source (LED or semiconductor Laser)
- High Speed patterning speed > 1000mm 2/min (Laser Light Source)
- Our smart real-time Auto Focus able to pattern even on the thin-transparent substrate, patterned substrate, and warped substrate
- Simultaneous observation of surface pattern and exposure pattern by coaxial observation system, TTL(Through The Lens) and it allows high accuracy overlay with our own image processing technology.
- Data convertor for DXF and GDSII is available.
- Gray Scale Image can be exposed for 3D structuring
- Down to 12.5nm address grid unit
- Wide range of substrate Size: few mm up to metric size


- Photo semiconductor device development
- Development of communications devices
- Development of light-curing materials
- Micro ID numbering
- Bio, Life science, complex chemistry (Micro TAS, Microfluidics)
- Localized exposure and selective exposure applications, etc.
- Mix & Match with Ebeam Lithography
- Industrial field
(reticle and photomask production, micro mold, compound semiconductor fabrication, etc.)